Medical negligence claim nets multi-million pound damages

One eleven year old girl has recently won her medical negligence claim for brain injuries suffered during her delivery, resulting in a personal injury compensation package in the millions of pounds.

North East hospitals pay £22m in medical negligence cases

According to recently released personal injury compensation figures, hospitals located in the North East have had to pay more than £22m in compensation from medical negligence cases in just one 12-month period.

Work accident claims can be easily avoided say experts

The situations that lead to workers becoming injured and going on to make work accident claims against their employers can be avoided quite easily, but only if those employers work hand-in-hand with health and safety organisations, one personal injury compensation expert recently said.

Legal experts share five steps to making your accident claim

The personal injury claims process can sometimes be as harrowing as the incident that was originally responsible for your injuries, but car accident claim legal experts have come forward with five steps you should follow to make things as painless as possible.

Expert recommends changes to reduce medical negligence costs

One legal expert has recently recommended radical changes in order to reduce the costs associated with rampant medical negligence claims crippling Ireland’s health service.

Five year old wins £800k accident claim for head injuries

One five year old boy recently came out on top on his accident claim to the tune of a £800,000 personal injury compensation award after he sustained life-changing head injuries as a baby from a window frame plummeted to the ground below and struck his push chair.

Victorian era personal injury claims put on exhibition

New data on Victorian era personal injury claims has recently been discovered in Norwich, with researchers putting several interesting – if bizarre – legal documents on display for an exhibition.

Planning consultant brings accident claim against employers

After suffering a severe head injury when he fell off a cycle during an outing organised by his employers, one planning consultant from Kent has brought an accident claim against the firm of estate agents that was responsible for the team bonding day.

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