Mother of four wins multimillion pound car accident claim

One single mother with four children recently won a car accident claim worth millions of pounds after her involvement in a head-on RTA that left her with life changing and debilitating injuries.

The forty eight year old woman, whose identity has been withheld from the media due to privacy concerns, had been involved in a head on collision in Basildon when she had been struck by a seventy six year old driver on Miles Gray Road.  The elderly motorist, Mr Ernest Bromsgrove, had died at the scene of the accident after losing consciousness whilst driving his Ford Ka, said personal injury compensation specialists familiar with the incident.

The woman’s injuries were so serious that she needed to be airlifted to Rombord’s Queen’s Hospital in order to undergo emergency treatment.  In the wake of the accident, she is now confined to a wheelchair due to a host of long-lasting injuries such as eyesight problems, speech difficulties, and partial paralysis up and down the left side of her entire body.

The family of the forty eight year old released a statement remarking that the compensation she has been awarded for her injuries would enable her to be provided with the round the clock care she now needs, and will continue to need, for the rest of her natural life.

The insurance company that had provided cover for Mr Bromsgrove admitted full liability for the incident in an out of court settlement for an undisclosed sum in the multiple millions of pounds.  The compensation amount was most likely quite substantial, according to legal industry experts, due to the estimated costs of the medical care the woman will now need throughout the rest of her life.

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