Keep your head about you in the event of an accident

In the heat of a moment or right after a road traffic accident or a slip and trip, it can be hard to keep in mind the right things to do – but once you’ve made sure that you or anyone else involved in the accident is physically safe, experts say you’ve got some legal responsibilities to keep in mind – especially if you think you may be making or be involved in an accident claim.

Are lawyers encouraging GPs to exaggerate claimant injuries?

While the joke of the ‘ambulance chasing’ personal injury solicitor firm is an old one, now it seems that some personal injury lawyers are following the ambulance right into the hospital, with new reports emerging that GPs are being encouraged to exaggerate when asked about the nature of claimant’s injuries.

Teenager injured in floor collapse, may make accident claim

When Leah Frederick went out for a bite to eat on her birthday, she didn’t expect to end up being rushed to the hospital after being caught in the collapsing floor of a local takeaway pizza shop in St Helens, accident claim experts writing for the local newspaper recently reported.

HSE prosecutes building firm after woman’s injuries

After a woman who had been waiting at a bus stop was struck by a piece of machinery that had fallen from an office block, the Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted the building firm responsible for the incident, according to accident claim experts familiar with the case.

Spin-cycling enthusiast wins accident claim against gym

According to accident claim experts writing for the North Devon Journal, a spin-cycling enthusiast prevailed on the personal injury compensation claim she made against a local gymnasium after the pedal of the exercise bike she was using during a class broke suddenly, catapulting her off the piece of fitness equipment and causing injuries to her finger.

HSE prosecutes scaffolding company boss after work accident

Prosecutors for the Health and Safety Executive brought a work accident claim against a scaffolding company’s former boss after two employees were injured in a scaffold collapse, accident claim experts recently said.

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