Stockton man to make £300k car accident claim

After sustaining serious injuries to his spinal column when the vehicle he was riding in as a passenger went off the road, one Stockton man is to make a £300,000 car accident claim.

Hardwick native Gary Bannister, aged twenty seven, was left with paralysis from the neck down in an RTA that saw the vehicle he was a passenger in colliding with an embankment and rolling over several times before finally coming to rest upon its roof.  Along with her insurance company, the driver of the vehicle, Jordan Evans, now faces personal injury compensation claims that she had been driving without due care and attention, thus exposing Mr Bannister to unnecessary risk.

According to the personal injury claims put forward in a High Court writ, the accident reduced Mr Bannister’s life expectancy and severely limited his future employment prospects.  Moreover, Mr Bannister’s condition could worsen due to risks of the development of a cyst upon his spinal column.

Miss Evans has already admitted to being guilty of driving with a lack of due care and attention at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court at an earlier hearing.  The driver was ordered to pay a fine of £150 and had six penalty points placed upon her license.

The amount of damages Mr Bannister is believed to be seeking is rumoured to be approximately £300,000 in compensation.  The paralysed man is also believed to be requesting a High Court order allowing him to return in the event of his condition deteriorating further, in order to claim more compensation.

Neither Miss Evans or her insurers have taken an opportunity to comment upon the pending legal case, experts say.

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