Medical negligence claim nets multi-million pound damages

One eleven year old girl has recently won her medical negligence claim for brain injuries suffered during her delivery, resulting in a personal injury compensation package in the millions of pounds.

London’s High Court was recently informed by Ella Franklin’s medical negligence solicitors that her brain became starved of oxygen during her birth, leading to both cerebral palsy and quadriplegia.  Ella’s diagnosis left her with needing 24 hour care and has taken away her ability to ever live an independent lifestyle as well, according to accident claim specialists familiar with the case.

Ella’s family launched a medical negligence claim for personal injury compensation against the NHS Trust for Epsom and St Helier for her brain injuries.  After admitting liability for the incident that lead to Ella’s brain injuries, the NHS Trust entered into an agreement with the 11 year old child’s family for an un-disclosed sum of compensatory damages.

The Franklin family will first receive a lump sum payment.  Then, in order to provide care for Ella for the rest of her life, she will receive annual index linked and tax free payments for the rest of her life.

The Epsom and St Helier NHS trust has not released any actual figures in regards to how much compensatory damages will actually be paid to the Franklins.  However, due to the high cost of Ella’s care and the level of her disability, the total settlement claim could quite easily turn out to be in the multiple millions in compensation.

The NHS trust, when given an opportunity to comment upon the monetary value of little Ella’s compensation award, declined to do so to members of the media.

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