Medical negligence solicitors win London woman compensation

Medical negligence solicitors for one London woman have been victorious in making sure the woman, who had been subject to a botched cosmetic procedure, will receive a substantial sum in personal injury compensation, experts recently reported.

Six year old amputee’s father makes claim on her behalf

After a six year old girl had to have both of her legs removed due to a medical condition when she was ten months old, her father has made a medical negligence claim on her behalf against the NHS foundation trust of the hospital where the procedure was performed.

Woman seeks medical negligence compensation from dentist

One woman from Somerset has gone in search of medical negligence compensation from her dentist, after the medical professional not only extracted the incorrect tooth but then attempted to re-plant it after it spent two hours in a medical waste bin.

Medical negligence payout for popular close up magician

A medical negligence payout of £15,000 has been awarded to one popular close up magician in the wake of medics failing to notice a severed tendon in the man’s hand, accident claims experts recently reported.

Medical negligence claim nets multi-million pound damages

One eleven year old girl has recently won her medical negligence claim for brain injuries suffered during her delivery, resulting in a personal injury compensation package in the millions of pounds.

North East hospitals pay £22m in medical negligence cases

According to recently released personal injury compensation figures, hospitals located in the North East have had to pay more than £22m in compensation from medical negligence cases in just one 12-month period.

Expert recommends changes to reduce medical negligence costs

One legal expert has recently recommended radical changes in order to reduce the costs associated with rampant medical negligence claims crippling Ireland’s health service.

Teenage girl wins £5.3m in personal injury compensation

After mistakes during her delivery left her with serious injury claims, one teenage girl has finally won a £5.3 million personal injury compensation claim.

Medical negligence claims make for wary patients

Medical negligence solicitors have begun to take issue with the number of personal injury claims that have been occurring of late, stating that the manner in which they are portrayed by the media could result in patients demonstrate wariness when it comes time to be treated in hospital.

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