Accident claim fraudster jailed for contempt

After he posted photos of himself taken on a driving holiday across Europe, one accident claim fraudster has been jailed for contempt.

Former lorry driver Graham Loveday, aged 54, had originally claimed personal injury compensation for a ‘serious disability’ in a 2006 RTA.  Mr Loveday’s legal representatives sued Edward Nield, the elderly motorist involved in the accident, for more than £100,000 in compensation damages.

Mr Loveday’s fraud came to light after photos of his trip to the Italian lakes from his home in South Wales appeared on his Facebook page.  The man’s 52 year old wife, Susan, admitted partial liability to the fraud and has been given a six month suspended sentence as well.

The case was brought by Acromas, Mr Nield’s insurance company after they conducted surveillance on Mr Loveday due to suspicions of his claim.  Mr Loveday, who has denied the fraud charge at London’s High Court, will serve half of his sentence before being released unconditionally.

According to court documents, Mr Loveday had signed a statement claiming that his fear of travelling was ‘crippling’ just weeks after he and his wife had been on holiday in Italy for two months in 2009.  Acromas spokesperson, Marcus Grant, recounted how the information was provided by the Department for Work and Pensions from their own parallel investigation of Mr Loveday and his holiday photos.

Judges Mr Justice Keith and Sir Anthony May heard how Mr Loveday had initially sought a compensation award of six figures for back and psychiatric injuries in 2009.  The man was also seeking earnings he had lost due to the accident, alleging that he was wheelchair dependent and had lost a £25,000 yearly salary.

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