Council pays more than £6.3k in personal injury compensation

One local council has had to pay out more than a combined £6,300 in personal injury compensation to two schoolchildren after they both sustained injuries at school that led to accident claims.

One teenager’s injuries while at a Bolton Council school led to £1,100 in damages for the pupil.  Likewise an eight year old’s personal injury claims for an unrelated accident at school resulted in a payout of £5,250.

Bolton Council paid out on both compensation claims over the past 12 months, according to an article appearing in the Bolton News newspaper.  In an effort to protect the anonymity of both children, the council declined to discuss any precise details in regards to the names of the schools involved or the nature of each accident.

However, general details were revealed that indicate the sixteen year old had sustained injuries after colliding with the open plastic window of a school notice board that had been left unattended.  The eight year old suffered injuries after falling onto a metal grate.

According to the words of one council spokesman, compensation to both students was only paid once the legal team for the council had made the determination that the school had truly been negligent.  The spokesman also said that each and every claim was quite carefully investigated, with payments generally made through the court system due to the nature of these types of accident claims..

According to official figures, councils across the UK paid out in excess of £2 million in damages in 2010 alone on 247 compensation claims brought by the families of injured children.

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