Planning consultant brings accident claim against employers

After suffering a severe head injury when he fell off a cycle during an outing organised by his employers, one planning consultant from Kent has brought an accident claim against the firm of estate agents that was responsible for the team bonding day.

Whitstable native Simon Reynolds, aged 49, had been riding on a bicycle track at a county park located near Deal when he collided with a colleague in June of 2008, according to the details of the man’s personal injury compensation claim.  Both men were employed by estate agents Strutt & Parker, the organiser of the event.

Mr Reynolds’s personal injury claims maintain that Strutt & Parker had neglected to make a risk assessment, making them liable for his injuries.  Mr Reynolds had not been wearing a cycle helmet at the time of the incident.

The 49 year old man’s former employers are disputing his claims.

Mr Reynolds’ accident solicitor, Steven Ford QC, said that his client had been employed by the Canterbury office of Strutt & Parker.  While participating in an annual team bonding day organised by the Canterbury office bosses, said Mr Ford, his client sustained severe head injuries in the cycling accident.

Mr Reynolds fell and hit his head upon the Fowlmead Country Park’s tarmac track after he collided with Alastair Cracknell, a fellow employee.  Mr Reynolds had not been wearing a helmet, said Mr Ford, because he had not been told to wear one by his employers, and if he had been required to do so he would not have sustained such serious and permanent brain injuries.

Helmets had been available for those who were participating in the cycle race, countered Strutt & Parker.  Legal representatives for the firm are set to outline further points of their case later this week.

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