Work-related stress can cause illness and injury as well

While falls from height and other industrial accidents at work can be incredibly debilitating, many people discount the impact that repeated exposure to work-related stress can have on an employee – injury and illness can be caused by emotional and mental turmoil as easily as a slip and trip, and can be just as painful.

Government told to not abandon those needing to make claims

The government was recently told not to abandon those Brits needing to make accident claims by the incoming president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers at the APIL’s annual conference, experts say.

Are politicians simply targeting no win no fee lawyers?

Some industry experts say that politicians may be seeking the easy way out in blaming no win no fee lawyers for social issues because it is easier to pass the blame than it is to accept it and work towards suitable solutions.

Lib Dems prepare for fight over legal aid bill

The Liberal Democrats are preparing for a fight over the newest iteration of the legal aid bill returning to the Commons tomorrow, as activists, celebrities, and charities have all come together to urge Lib Dem MPs to oppose the bill due to proposed funding cuts that could see too many left with no ability to bring accident claims.

David Cameron draws fire for health and safety comments

Prime Minister David Cameron has drawn fire from the personal injury compensation sector for his statements calling health and safety legislation a burden on business in the UK, where he referred to the legislation as ‘an albatross around the neck.’

Government scraps plans to extend access to justice

As the debate rages on over implementing the civil litigation cost cutting measures known as the Jackson reforms, the Government has recently scrapped its plans to grant an extension to incoming access of justice provisions over and above personal injury claims.

New YouTube campaign launched against bogus accident claims

A new YouTube campaign against bogus accident claims was launched recently in order to raise awareness of how fraudulent and spurious personal injury claims inflate insurance premiums for honest drivers, industry experts recently reported.

New rules to bar injury compensation for minor incidents

New rules under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority will end up limiting not just claimants with criminal records from pursuing accident claims but also otherwise law-abiding victims of this crime as well, experts say.

Study warns that legal aid cuts will backfire badly

Proposed cuts to the legal aid bill of £240 million could backfire badly as the move would lead to unbudgeted costs of at least £139 million as the burden of those unable to pursue accident claims is absorbed by other departments, a recent research study found.

Burnley skip worker wins £175k work accident claim

One skip worker from Burnley has recently won his work accident claim and has been given a £175,000 personal injury compensation award for the injuries he sustained to his had when a skip fell on it, crushing it, experts say.

HSE prosecutes steel firm after injuries of two workers

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted a world-wide steel firm after it was reported that two of its employees, which may go on to make accident claims against their employers, were crushed beneath a falling door at a Workington factory.

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