Secretary Clarke makes formidable legal aid bill concessions

Justice secretary Kenneth Clarke recently announced that those victimised by domestic violence will not lose access to legal aid in order to provide no win no fee lawyers in civil cases they bring against civil partners.

Are politicians simply targeting no win no fee lawyers?

Some industry experts say that politicians may be seeking the easy way out in blaming no win no fee lawyers for social issues because it is easier to pass the blame than it is to accept it and work towards suitable solutions.

New rules to bar injury compensation for minor incidents

New rules under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority will end up limiting not just claimants with criminal records from pursuing accident claims but also otherwise law-abiding victims of this crime as well, experts say.

Legal bills of £60k for £500 accident claim cause stir

A veritable hornet’s nest has been stirred by the news of a £500 accident claim for a teacher that had suffered injuries while restraining a pupil came with legal fees of more than £60,000, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

OFT launches investigation into insurance increases

The insurance industry, who has long since blamed rising premium prices on the so-called ‘compensation culture’ fostered by no win no fee accident claims, is under investigation by the Office of Fair Trading to determine the root causes of the issue.

No win no fee lawyers dealt a blow by European court

In a recent case brought by the Daily Mirror’s publisher, the European court of human rights ruled that success fees recovered by no win no fee lawyers in defamation and privacy cases represented a significant freedom of expression violation.

Lawyers altering strategy amidst personal injury claims increase

Lawyers have begun to alter their strategy in how they approach personal injury claims, as both the workplace and automobile sectors have seen large instances of increases recently.

Justice Secretary targets no-win-no-fee accident claims

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has recently stated his intention that Welsh and English lawyers may soon be barred from raising their fees if successfully litigating a no win no fee accident claim.

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