HSE prosecutes steel firm after injuries of two workers

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted a world-wide steel firm after it was reported that two of its employees, which may go on to make accident claims against their employers, were crushed beneath a falling door at a Workington factory.

The two injured men, fifty nine year old Geoff Anderson and fifty one year old Anthony Ryecroft, had been employed by Tata Steel UK Ltd at the time of the incident that may lead to their work accident claims.  Both employees had been endeavouring to repair a roller shutter door at the firm’s Workington plant in the wake of a forklift truck colliding with it.

During the prosecution at Workington Magistrates Court, the HES said that during the repair work, a collapse of a supporting pillar sent both the support structure and the 300kg metal door crashing down atop both men.  The personal injury claims of both men indicate that they each sustained badly broken legs, and a serious head wound also suffered by Mr Ryecroft during the incident saw him miss work for a period of fifteen months, while Mr Anderson was unable to return to work in the wake of the accident, taking voluntary redundancy as a result.

An HSE investigation discovered that the firm had neglected to carry out risk assessments properly prior to beginning the repair, thus putting both of its employees in danger.  As a result, Tata Steel UK Ltd admitted to breaching health and safety regulations, leading to a fine of £13,300 with additional court costs of £11,631 as well.

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