New rules to bar injury compensation for minor incidents

New rules under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority will end up limiting not just claimants with criminal records from pursuing accident claims but also otherwise law-abiding victims of this crime as well, experts say.

Those looking for personal injury compensation for broken noses or disfiguring burns would be barred from doing so under the new sliding scale from CICA, while claimants suffering minor brain injuries would see up to 25 per cent of their awards cut as well.  The move, designed to curb the so-called ‘compensation culture’ that has arisen in the UK, purportedly from the advent of no win no fee lawyers, people suffering bruised ribs, broken toes, sprained ankles, and other minor injuries would no longer have a right to pursue compensation.

However, the new regulations mean that those left with ‘minor’ disfiguring injuries, such as from scarring or burns, would also be barred from seeking damages.  Injuries such as burns or broken noses sustained by homeowners would not be paid out under the new rules, though any domestic abuse or instances of sexual assault will be exempt regardless of the severity of the injuries.

Those suffering more serious offences will also be affected by the new proposals, with victims seeing their rewards cut to £6,200 from £8,200 in the example of minor brain injury.  However, no changes will be made to compensation awards paid out to life-threatening or highly serious injuries.

The new rules come on the heels of figures revealing that more than 20,000 offenders were given in excess of £75 million from CICA over the past decade.

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