Holidaymakers digging out their winter sport gear

Personal injury solicitors brace for the inevitable influx of accident claims that are on the way, as holidaymakers begin to dig out their winter sport hear as they prepare to go to trips to ski resorts across Europe.

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and France are all highly popular destinations for many Brits during the winter months.  However, it is all too common for the inherently risky nature of winter sport to result in personal injury claims for incidents occurring abroad.

While Brits who suffered injuries within the eurozone in the past have been able to receive sizable compensation awards, due to a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice, this will be changing in the immediate future.  Industry experts warn that the ruling could have dire consequences for Brits injured while abroad, as now the laws of the country where the injuries were sustained will be those used to determine the level of damages to which the injured party will be entitled.

As English law generally awards higher sums, there will be a vast reduction in compensation amounts in nearly all instances, experts warn.  In one example given, a Brit injured whilst on holiday in Spain could see only around £1.5 million or less for a claim involving paraplegia, yet UK laws would see the same claimant be awarded as much as an additional £2.5 million or more.

British claimants stand to lose big across other European countries as well, experts say.  Moreover, any eurozone travelers injured in the UK would see their payouts increase exponentially, which could possibly lead to increases in instances of fraud by foreign nationals.

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