Burnley skip worker wins £175k work accident claim

One skip worker from Burnley has recently won his work accident claim and has been given a £175,000 personal injury compensation award for the injuries he sustained to his had when a skip fell on it, crushing it, experts say.

Oswaldtwistle native Heath Riley, of Blackburn Road, had been working for Enviro Skips Ltd, but as he was delivering one of the poorly stacked rubbish receptacles, it fell and crushed the forty two year old’s right hand.  According to the skip worker’s accident claims, the crush injuries he sustained in the incident led to the loss of both his thumb and index finger.

Even after receiving specialised micro-surgical procedures at the Royal Preston Hospital, the severity of Mr Riley’s injuries have precluded him from returning to his previous role.  To this day, the former skip worker finds it difficult to perform even everyday tasks.

Mr Riley’s employer, Enviro Skips Ltd, conceded that many of the skips were damaged, which led to it not being safe for them to be stacked in the manner they had been.  The company admitted its responsibility for Mr Riley’s injuries, leading to a £175,000 compensation payout for the injured man.

In response, Mr Riley said that no matter how much cash he receives, nothing could compensate him in an adequate manner for the pain and suffering he had to endure from the incident.  One member of the former skip worker’s legal team added that firms have a responsibility in their provision of safe working environments for their workers.

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