David Cameron draws fire for health and safety comments

Prime Minister David Cameron has drawn fire from the personal injury compensation sector for his statements calling health and safety legislation a burden on business in the UK, where he referred to the legislation as ‘an albatross around the neck.’

The Prime Minister said at a recent business summit in Berkshire that entrepreneurs have been left living in fear of speculative work accident claims due to massive court costs and legal fees.  Mr Cameron indicated that he wants 2012 to be the year that this changes, as he wants to eliminate ‘this pointless time-wasting’ from life in the UK permanently.

However, the Personal Injury Lawyers‘ Association’s president, David Bott, countered that he has serious concerns that the Government may be acting too hastily in changing the current system without due levels of concern for those currently involved in accident claims.  Changing the current system would be dangerous in that workers could risk exposure to unnecessary levels of injury-related risk, only to be left in a situation where the legal system would deny them their access to justice, Mr Bott said.

While the Prime Minister has made promises to aid business growth by killing off the ‘damaging health and safety culture’ in the UK, Mr Bott said a better way to do this was not to water down rules put in place to protect workers, but to instill confidence in businesses who take reasonable steps to prevent needless injuries whilst on the job.  Businesses should not spend time in fear of legal costs but instead for the welfare of their staff, the APIL president added.

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