Nurse seeks personal injury compensation from cancer widow

One nurse is seeking personal injury compensation from the widow of a deceased cancer victim after she stumbled and twisted her ankle during a visit to the patient’s home.  The ailing man passed away shortly afterwards.

37 year old Penelope Snelson, a district nurse, suffered the accident claim when she slipped on a wooden wheelchair ramp and fell.  She was visiting the home of Mike Fountain, then aged 75, at the time.

The retired research chemist passed away only one week after Mrs Snelson’s injury claims.  Mr Fountain had succumbed to cancer he had been diagnosed with several years ago.

However a no win no fee accident claim was filed against the deceased man by Mrs Snelson’s personal injury lawyers.  The claim was for a total of £575,000.

Upon receiving the letter addressed to her late husband, 76 year old Christine Fountain was immediately distraught.  The claim detailed in the letter stated that her recently deceased husband had either permitted or caused his premises to remain or become a trap or danger to anyone who attempted to lawfully use it.

Mrs Snelson’s lawyers also claim that Mr Fountain neglected to discharge the common care he owed to the nurse.  They stated that the elderly and ailing man had failed in his responsibility to erect a safety barrier to safeguard any injuries caused by the wheelchair ramp that led to his front door.

Mr Fountain’s surviving family members contacted the legal firm in protest.  However after stating that the cancer victim had recently passed away, the law firm responded by continuing the legal action against his estate.

Graeme Fountain, 39 year old son of the deceased man, recently issued a scathing statement in regards to the legal action.  The Bramhall, Stockport sales manager expressed his disbelief in the insensitivity of Mrs Snelson.  He compared her ankle injury unfavorably to the hard work his father did throughout his life before he succumbed to cancer.

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