Personal injury claims assessment service wins award

The personal injury claims assessment service of one insurer has recently been recognised for innovation at the UK IT Industry Awards.

ISO’s PICAS service recently claimed the Consumer IT Innovation award for 2010.  The service earned the accolade from the Chartered Institute for Information Technology for streamlining the accident claims process for injury claims.

PICAS accomplishes this streamlining by fully digitising injury claim reports in an effort to integrate the differing steps and systems involved in reaching a personal injury compensation settlement.

PICAS can effectively reduce a personal injury claim’s life cycle considerably, according to ISO. The average turnaround time for a injury claim was reduced to 133 days, down from 358 days. PICAS accomplishes this goal by connecting various stakeholders such as insurers, claimant lawyers, and medical reporting agencies seamlessly.

ISO client services director Joe Pendle issued a statement in conjunction with the news PICAS had earned the industry recognition. Mr Pendle stated that it was a testament to the pioneering work and the vision of all the various staff involved in the PICAS system to be recognised by the information technology community as a whole.  Mr Pendle also stated that it was no mean feat to connect the various information technology systems in order to overcome the delays inherent in the process of completing a personal injury claim.

Mr Pendle was quite pleased that the utility of PICAS was recognised by the community at large.  He added that the system was designed to aid all parties within the cycle of a personal injury claim.  This includes claimants, insurers, and  injury solicitors, he added.

However the most important factor according to Mr Pendle was how PICAS aims to settle claims both fairly and quickly in order to gain the maximum benefit for the claimant.

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