Work accident claim for injured HGV driver

One HGV driver suffered a work accident claim when his vehicle overturned recently, the Hartlepool Mail reports.

The driver suffered the personal injury claim as he was loading scrap metal into his truck whilst at a waste disposal site.  He was rendered unconscious when his truck overturned.  Emergency services needed fifteen minutes to cut him free from the cab of his vehicle.  After he was extricated from the truck, the driver was rushed to Stockton’s University Hospital of North Tees.

The driver’s injury claims include serious injuries to his upper body.  He specifically has pain in his arms, shoulder, and bank as a result of the incident.

The Health and Safety Executive is expected to launch an investigation into the accident claim.  There is some question as to how the the large heavy goods truck came to end up on its side during the incident.  The HSE will most likely examine the truck for any design flaws that might have led to the accident.  It will also undoubtedly conduct a full investigation into the Hartlepool recycling yard located in Tees Road and owned by Able UK.

The Billingham Fire Station incident commander offered a description of the events directly following the incident.  The incident commander had been present at the time of the injured party’s extrication from the cab and was able to describe the man’s drifting in and out of an unconscious state as the fire brigade employed cutting equipment to cut him free.  After he had been removed from the cab, the injured man was strapped to a board designed to immobilise spinal injury victims.  He was then transferred to a waiting ambulance and rushed to hospital.

Preliminary reports have revealed that the injuries the man had sustained during the incident are not life threatening.

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