Man wins work-related injury claim against former employers

One man has recently prevailed on his work-related injury claims that he made against his former employers after they accepted liability for the permanent damage he sustained after years of using vibrating tools on the job, it was recently reported.

Equestrian enthusiasts warned against no win no fee claims

Equestrian enthusiasts such as livery yards, riding schools, and riders have all been warned against no win no fee claims, with one legal firm stating that proper liability insurance must be in place to avoid costly personal injury compensation claims.

Six year old amputee’s father makes claim on her behalf

After a six year old girl had to have both of her legs removed due to a medical condition when she was ten months old, her father has made a medical negligence claim on her behalf against the NHS foundation trust of the hospital where the procedure was performed.

Government vows to cut fees paid in car accident claims

The government has recently taken a vow to reduce the fees paid to personal injury solicitors for injury cases such as car accident claims as the campaign continues to eradicate spurious and costly claims that lead to higher insurance premiums.

Two teenagers make medical negligence claim, awarded £500k

After receiving heart treatment as children that left them both with brain damage, two teenagers who made medical negligence claims against a Bristol area hospital have recently been awarded £500 million in personal injury compensation.

Personal injury compensation battle lost for Ware residents

After an unsuccessful claim for damages based on the disruption of their lives by a nearby landfill, one group of residents from Ware recently lost their battle for personal injury compensation in the High Court.

Accident claim award criminally low, says wounded soldier

A seriously injured soldier was awarded just £570,000 in personal injury compensation from the MoD, despite the permanent and life-changing severity of the injuries for which he filed his accident claim.

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