Many decline to take up work accident claims, finds study

Many UK employees may decline to take up work accident claims due because of negative social perceptions, according to a newly completed study.

One out of every four seriously injured workers would decline to seek out personal injury lawyers, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers study revealed. due to embarrassment, or because of the possible stigma.

The not-for-profit organisation’s president commented on the findings.  Muiris Lyons stated that many people suffer accident claims at work through no fault of their own. However he noted that there seems to be a very palpable reluctance on the part of injured workers to make a claim against their employer.  This is especially true for cases where negligence may play a role, he added.

There were approximately 120,000 reports of individual people becoming hurt or injured in similar situations last year alone. The potential for personal injury claims through work-related accidents seems to be quite high.  Many of the occupations most at risk include manual labourers and factory jobs, as those particular jobs tend to be more physically dangerous than an office position.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers was established over two decades ago.  The organisation has nearly 5,000 members .  The aim of its members, which include compensation barristers and solicitors, is to improve the levels of access injured parties have to justice in order to receive rightful compensation for their pain and suffering.

The APIL’s objectives include promoting just and full compensation for any and all types of personal injury claims, working to widen the levels of redress for such claims within the legal system, engaging in campaigns designed to improve personal injury law, alerting the public to health hazards and to promote safety standards, providing a network of communication for its members, and to develop and promote expertise whilst practicing personal injury law.

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