Personal injury compensation fight won by over 400 sofa purchasers

More than 400 customers who banded together in a personal injury claim have claimed victory recently.  The large group of sofa buyers who purchased furniture made with toxic materials recently settled their personal injury compensation case.

Shuttered furniture outlet Land of Leather has recently settled out of court with the customer group.  More than 400 people purchased sofas from the store that had toxic dimethyl fumarate within them.  The chemical can cause both breathing issues and skin burns, and injured customers will now be receiving a settlement of more than £750,000 in damages.

Just scant weeks prior to a court of appeal hearing, Mr Justice MacDuff agreed that 408 customers were to be compensated for their injury claims related to the toxic sofas.

Land of Leather is only one of three companies who had the dangerous furniture on sale.  The high court ordered last April that the total 1,650 people injured by the dimethyl fumarate in the leather of the furniture were eligible for personal injury compensation.

Two other companies were found to be selling the sofas affected by the chemical.  Both Argos and Walmsley’s joined Land of Leather in admitting liability for the injuries.  All told the courts agreed that anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000 injured parties could stand to benefit.

There are more than 3,000 possible claimants that are of the belief the sofas they bought were the cause of their injuries.  However as liability for their injuries has not yet been admitted their compensation claims are still ongoing.

The dangerous chemical has been completely banned throughout the EU. The ban comes in the wake of customers from more than five separate Euro Zone countries suffered from breathing issues and burns as a result of the toxic substance.  The chemical is used to treat many different imported items made from leather.

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