Medical negligence claim nets family £9 million

Thanks to a medical negligence claim filed by one Buckinghamshire family, they were recently awarded a £9 million personal injury compensation for actions that led to the severe brain damage of their newborn daughter.

Delays in the delivery of Amy Smith resulted in serious brain damage.  The now eight year old girl suffers from cerebral palsy due to her botched delivery.

Amy’s twin sister was born twenty minutes before her at Harrow’s Northwick Park Hospital.  Her severe injuries were caused by the lengthy delay between her delivery and her sister’s. As a result of her injuries sustained during delivery, Amy now requires constant care.  She will never be able to live independently and will need care for as long as she lives.

Paul and Paula Smith, Amy’s parents, filed their personal injury claim on behalf of their daughter  against the NHS Trust for North West London Hospitals several years ago.  Only now have they been able to receive compensation in the wake of a High Court hearing in which a settlement has been reached.

The family will first receive a lump sum payment of £3.29 million.  Every year thereafter an annual index linked payment will be made in order to provide the constant care Amy needs for the rest of her life.

The eight year old’s mother stated that the family was quite relieved at the settlement.  She personally commented that knowing that funding for her daughter was now in place to care for her for the rest of her life took a great weight off her shoulders.

Sue Jarvis, Amy’s accident solicitor, also commented on the case.  Ms Jarvis was gladdened that Amy’s family can rest assured that the injured child will be able to receive the care she needs for the rest of her natural life.

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