Medical negligence leads to personal injury compensation

One instance of medical negligence has recently led to a paralysed man’s personal injury compensation award.

Essex native Steven Johns was nineteen years of age and living in London when he developed a spinal abscess.  Upon attending hospital, his doctors neglected to diagnose his condition correctly.  This led to Mr Johns suffering a personal injury claim regarding an infection with left him with paralysis from the neck downwards.

Now twenty three years old, Mr Johns has had to have a tracheotomy in order to make it easier for him to breathe.  The medical procedure involved surgically inserting a tube into the man’s neck.

After Mr Johns made a personal injury claim against the hospital, liability for the incident has been accepted by them. Now Mr Johns’ personal injury lawyers are working hards to put together a financial award that will pay for not only his ongoing medical needs but also act as compensation for his earnings loss due to his paralysis.

Mr Johns stated that he no longer felt comfortable in trusting general hospitals following the incident.  In regards to the compensation he will be receiving, the paralysed man stated that he would much rather be able to walk once more.

Mr Johns has received some support, according to a NHS Litigation Authority spokesperson.  The spokesperson declined to comment further due to the ongoing nature of the legal discussions.

Due to the debilitating nature of Mr Johns’ injuries the amount of personal injury compensation he may receive could be in the millions of pounds, say industry experts.  Additionally, compensation figures take into account life expectancy for the victim. Due to the fact that Mr Johns was only nineteen at the time of the incident, this could also result in a sizable compensation package for the paralysed man.

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