Motor accident claim leads to £6,000 in compensation

After an overtaking motorist crashed into them, one couple’s motor accident claim has led to a £6,000 personal injury compensation award.

The traffic accident claim occurred last February early in the morning.  Witnesses saw Damian Pritchard driving along the A379 in his Vauxhall Astra overtaking the couple.  This was despite the dark, wet weather conditions and the rate of speed of nearly 60 mph at which the couple were traveling.

Mr Pritchard was described as attempting to overtake a bus and lorry.  The two vehicles were traveling nose to tail at the time.  Firs Mr Pritchard was unsuccessful.  Upon a second attempt Mr Pritchard collided head-on with a Mini coming from the opposite direction.  The incident occurred on a stretch of road that had a blind curve.

The Mini’s driver was afflicted with whiplash from the collision.  Moreover the passenger, the driver’s pregnant wife, suffered from a broken hand and collarbone. Both wife and husband were so injured in the collision that they missed several days of work during their recovery.  Additionally they were faced with the suddenly very real fear that their unborn child might have been injured in the traffic accident as well.

Mr Pritchard entered a plea of guilty of dangerous driving at Plymouth Crown Court. His sentence, which was suspended for the span of two years, included a jail sentence of four months. Additionally he has been banned from driving for three years as well. Mr Pritchard also faces the task of performing 200 hours’ worth of unpaid community service.

Finally, Mr Pritchard was ordered by the presiding Judge to remit £6,000 in personal injury compensation to the injured couple for their missed work, their medical costs, and their pain and suffering.

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