Oxford man wins medical negligence case 33 years after birth

One Oxford man recently won his medical negligence case thirty three years after his birth.  Having suffered catastrophic brain damage as a result of his delivery, he has been awarded personal injury compensation in the amount of £5.7 million.

Born on the 15th of September in 1977 at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital, Mr Ian Murphy is now 33 years old. He suffered complications during his delivery that left him with a serious brain injury.  As a result he has lived his entire life with a severe case of cerebral palsy.

Ian’s parents only recently came to the realisation that they could file a personal injury claim on his behalf. They only found out after they began to enquire into the possibilities of alternative accommodation for their son in the event that they could no longer provide for his health-related needs.

The compensation claim was dealt with by the South Central Strategic Health Authority. The Authority issued an apology to both Mr Murphy and his family.  It also came to an agreement in regards to a compensation settlement at the Royal Court of Justice for the man’s birth related injuries.

The settlement is believed to be worth approximately £5.7 million.  The compensation will be paid initially by lump sum with added yearly payments to follow.  This will enable Mr Murphy to be the recipient of the medical care and attention he will require for however long he may live.

Ian’s mother stated that both her husband and herself were so deeply involved in caring for their son’s day to day needs that they were completely shocked by the idea of filing a claim.  Neither of them had any idea that it was possible to make such a compensation claim against the hospital responsible for his injuries.

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