£35,000 personal injury claim for one disabled man

After tripping over a cracked step, one severely disabled man has recently won a personal injury claim that has resulted in a £35,000 award.

After a serious road accident claim six years ago resulted in the loss of both of his legs, Colin Adamson has been unable to walk without relying on crutches to do so.  Mr Adamson’s legs were both amputated, one below the knee and the other just above it.  While he was calling upon a friend in Bangor, County Down at the Kearney Gardens housing estate, he tripped over the step and fell.

He fell very hard upon the footpath and damaged his elbow quite severely.  Mr Adamson had to be rushed to hospital once more for surgery in order to repair damage to his elbow.  His injury claims led to screws and plates being necessary to repair his damaged joint. His mobility has been greatly reduced in that arm as well, his personal injury claim stated.

Mr Adamson’s friend, who lives at the estate, testified that the cracks in the steps were not only present but were a feature. The dangerous nature of the steps in their cracked condition was furthermore corroborated by an engineer as well.

Sir Declan Morgan sided with Mr Adamson at trial.  The Lord Chief Justice agreed that the double amputee was entitled to personal injury compensation totaling £35,000 in order to cover not only his medical costs but to account for his pain and suffering as well. The judge also stated that Mr Adamson’s function will most likely be impeded in the long term as a result of his injuries as well, which contributed to the size of the plaintiff’s claim.

There is no indication at this time that the defendant in the case is considering an appeal.

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