Sick holidaymakers make £35k personal injury claims

A family of holidaymakers has made a personal injury claim of £35,000 in damages after their Lanzarote holiday turned into a nightmare when a nasty stomach bug laid their two small children low.

Emily Scotland, five years old, and her brother Charlie, one year old, were both diagnosed with the parasitic infection cryptosporidiosis, a crippling stomach bug that can be contracted by using an infected hotel swimming pool.  Accident claim experts writing for the Daily Record newspaper report that the two children’s parents, Julie and Roddie Scotland, will be launching a personal injury compensation claim against First Choice, the tour operator, for approximately £35,000.

Julie, the children’s thirty two year old mother, said in a recent interview that little five year old Emily had been doubled over with debilitating pain in her stomach after after becoming infected with the bug.  Julie’s younger child, her one year old son, was likewise struck with the same symptoms, though their severity was somewhat lessened.

The family of four had been staying in Playa Blanca’s Flamingo Beach Holiday Village.   Apparently they were not the only holidaymakers to suffer the effects of the stomach bug at the resort, according to travel website TripAdvisor’s online reviews.

One member of the family’s legal team remarked that the Scotland’s had experienced an incredibly negative time due to the bug, which is so virulent that it can even have long lasting effects and complications.  A First Choice spokesperson, which could not comment on a pending legal action, only stated that the location in question had high scores on customer satisfaction reports, and was a popular holiday resort.

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