Man struck by musician’s Daimler, makes accident claim

After being struck by the Daimler of a musician, one man from Ipswich has made a successful accident claim against its driver for the severe brain injuries he sustained in the collision.

Christopher Corder, forty five years old, had been in Suffolk, near Hadleigh, hand delivering church newsletters when he was struck by a Daimler owned by singer Pete Doherty as it was driven by Andrew Boyd, the musician’s agent.  Mr Corder was severely injured in the incident, including multiple bone fractures and serious brain injuries, and though his condition is currently stable, he has no awareness of the people around him or his surroundings.

Mr Boyd, who was driving without insurance, was given a year’s worth of jail time after he made the admission of driving dangerously.  Mr Doherty, former front man for the Libertines, was also banned from driving for a period of twelve months for permitting an uninsured driver to operate his vehicle.

Both Mr Corder and his family will be receiving personal injury compensation for his serious and debilitating injuries.  While the total sum has not been disclosed, the seriously injured man will receive a lump sum, followed by annual index linked payments believed to be in the five figures in order to pay for the costs of his care for the rest of his natural life.

The man’s personal injury claims are being paid by the Motor Insurers Bureau, which is an organisation that is responsible for paying the compensation claims of those victimised by motorists driving without insurance.  However, the settlement agreement includes provisions which permit the organisation to recover their funds from both Mr Doherty and his agent in the future.

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