Abused woman seeks personal injury compensation from council

Both a children’s charity and a London council are being sued for personal injury compensation from one  abused woman whose personal injury claims state mistakes made by the two caused her to be sexually assaulted.

The woman, whose name was withheld from the media due to legal and privacy concerns, was subjected to two years’ worth of abuse as a foster child from her adoptive brother due to the Barnardo’s charity warning that younger children should not be housed with the boy not being passed on.  As a result, the woman’s personal injury lawyers are asking for £30,000 from both Hounslow council and Barnardo’s for the pain and suffering she experienced, which caused her long-lasting harm psychologically from the age of four.

According to High Court papers, the woman, who was born in the north east, is known to the courts only as HL 10 and is now 25 years of age.  She was fostered at the age of seven months by a couple in 1987, who later went on to adopt her, and then was joined by a sister and brother, six and eight years older than the young girl.

According to personal injury claims specialists familiar with the case, Hounslow council arranged the fostering, which made use of Barnardo’s to locate a suitable family.  However, Barnardo’s had concluded in a pre-placement report that the male child should be kept away from families with younger children because of the risk he was considered to pose.

However, the contents of the report where never shown to either the local authority which placed HL 10, nor the family that adopted her.

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