Bolton woman wins £3,500 from accident claim

After bringing an accident claim against her local  hair salon for an incident involving hair dye, one woman from Bolton has received a personal injury compensation award for £3,500 in damages.

Melanie Kenny, aged forty nine, was having her hair dyed at the salon when she suffered an extreme reaction to the dye used to colour her hair, personal injury claims specialists said.  Mrs Kenny’s face swelled up so badly that she was left temporarily blind in one eye, while her other eye nearly swelled shut as well.

The forty nine year old woman made a personal injury claim against the salon by claiming that her hairdresser had neglected in offering Mrs Kenny an allergy test in order to ensure she would not have any adverse reactions to the chemicals in the hair dye.  In a recent interview published in the Manchester Evening News newspaper, Mrs Kenny said that her scalp began to itch the day after she had visited the salon, and that soon her face and head swelled up, which left her looking as if she had just gone several rounds with a champion prizefighter.

The 49 year old woman, who received a £3,500 compensation award in a settlement out of court, has now begun an awareness campaign in order to ensure no one else suffers the same fate she did.  Mrs Kenny is calling for more stringent regulation of salons and their employees in order to present such recurrences in the future.

Due to the lack of any particular legislation within the industry, many similar incidents occur on a yearly basis, according to an industry spokesman.

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