Newcastle woman wins £500k in medical negligence case

After one district nurse neglected to identify an infection, one Newcastle woman has recently been awarded £500,000 in a medical negligence compensation claim.

According to the woman’s personal injury claims, Heaton native Angela Banks, forty six years of age, ended up being a virtual prisoner for thirty months as she received treatment at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.  Ms Banks was suffering from an infection in her pelvis and thigh that had originated in a pressure sore, accident claims specialists say.

As the infection continued to spread, Ms Banks’ doctors had no choice but to perform a surgical procedure removing a section of her bone.  Due to  medical complications, the Newcastle native needed to stay for an unprecedented 30 months.

Ms Banks, who was born with spina bifida and has been confined to a wheelchair in order to move about for her entire life, said that her thirty month long hospital stay was so awful she would have rather been in prison for the same amount of time.  She also described her time spent in hospital as ‘soul destroying.’

The NHS North of Tyne recently admitted its liability in regards to Ms Banks and her injuries.  As a result, the 46 year old woman was given a damages award of £500,000 in a settlement out of court.

One NHS spokesperson remarked that the incident had taught them some serious lessons, apologising for the substandard nursing care Ms Banks received.

A qualified professional dog trainer, Ms Banks said that the personal injury compensation award would go a long way in regaining her independence.  The sum will go towards provisions for specialised equipment and support she will need.

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