1886 Riot Damages Act will not cover personal injury claims

While many uninsured businesses and home owners can take solace in the fact that the 1886 Riot Damages Act will provide them some measure of compensation, those with personal injury claims will not be covered, experts say.

While the news of injurious harm being suffered by them have been at the forefront of the populace due to the extensive riot-related damages recently, business owners in the UK are suffer assaults in the workplace that could lead to a personal injury compensation all the time.  These business owners need to deal with not only physical injuries but also numerous other consequences of workplace injury, according to no win no fee claims specialists.

Loss of earnings is something that every business owner fears.  Many small off-license or newsagents shops find themselves unable to be run properly without the primary business owner.

An owner suffering injuries during a robbery is one way a small shop might necessitate shutting its doors until the small business owner is back on their feet once more.  This could mean a loss of earnings for just a few days in the case of a short term injury, but owners that end up sidelined for longer periods of time face the loss of their regulars who have no choice but to take their custom somewhere else in the interim.

Psychological issues, such as fear of returning to work, can also play a large role as well.  After a workplace assault, the focus may tend to be on any physical harm sustained, but there can be mental and emotional implications to being robbed at gunpoint or knifepoint.

While a business owner may be physically ready to assume their duties once more, mental readiness may lag behind.  Costly counselling or medication for mental or emotional distress stemming from an assault can further strain a now-struggling business owner even more, experts say.


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