Family of fatally wounded employee may file accident claim

The family of a fatally wounded Foxtel Ltd employee may be considering bringing an accident claim against the satellite installation provider.

Croydon native Noel Corbin had been employed by Foxtel as a satellite installation engineer in 2008 when the incident that led to his tragic death occurred, personal injury compensation experts report.  Mr Corbin had been performing work on a satellite dish four storeys above the ground on a London rooftop when he fell, plummeting more than 40 feet and sustaining fatal injuries to his head.

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive conducted an investigation of the incident, finding that Mr Corbin had gained access to the roof through a dormer window in order to perform maintenance on a satellite that had been affixed to the apex of the property’s roof.  The Foxtel engineer was also observed to have been performing work on a second satellite dish on a flat part of the building’s roof as well, and the HSE’s report stated that he either fell from the flat portion of the roof or while he was navigating his way across the sloped roof.

HSE investigators discovered that Mr Corbin had not been provided with proper safety equipment that could have enabled him to carry out the work on the roof of the four-storey property.  The fall from height that brought both the career and the life of the young engineer to an untimely end could have been prevented quite easily, HSE investigators remarked.

Falls from height are one of the most dangerous types of work accidents, according to official figures, which lead to several fatalities (and many work accident claims) every year.

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