‘No win no fee’ spreading to football clubs

While the whole concept of ‘no win, no fee‘ might have originated in the realm of personal injury claims, the concept is spreading to football clubs as Stockport County adapts the idea in an effort to increase attendance at Edgeley Park.

Under a new scheme inspired by the claims of personal injury lawyers, County fans have been guaranteed a refund of their ticket price if the Hatters lose their August 20 home game against Ebbsfleet.  The gamble could prove quite costly, especially as 4,000 of the £10 tickets have already been sold – leaving an eye-watering £40,000 on the line.

Dietmar Hamann, manager for County, remarked that he hopes the offer will help to fill seats at Edgeley Park.  However, Hamann told his players that if the club has to refund tickets to its fans, he will be less than enthusiastic.

The team will, of course, be doing everything in its power to ensure that there are no refunds, Hamann added.  He did hope that the offer will result in Edgeley Park being filled with people who don’t habitually come to the game, however.

Businessman Tony Evans, who has been keen to purchase a controlling stake in Edgeley Park, remarked that he had high hopes that the promotion will aid in bringing fans back into the fold.  Many fans may have feelings of disappointment in the past, Mr Evans said, but he commented that this is an excellent opportunity to come out and support the Hatters.

Stating that he had only the highest regard for what Ebbsfleet United and its fans have done for the club.  It was simple happenstance that they are the first team the Hatters are playing this season on a Saturday.


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