Camping accident leads to personal injury compensation

A camping accident has led to a personal injury compensation award for a teenager who was shot with an air rifle, legal experts familiar with the case have recently reported.

According to the personal injury claims of the seventeen year old young man, whose name has not been revealed to the media for privacy concerns, he had been out with his friends camping at a playing field when the incident occurred.  The young man and his friend had been approached by two strangers who had been dressed in camouflage at the time, one of which was armed with an air rifle.

The two men approached the teen and told him that he was to look out for ‘dangerous people’ like them, according to accident claim solicitors involved in the case.  The seventeen year old was then struck in the back of the leg with an air pellet, which he found embedded in the back of his knee before removing it himself.

Upon examination of the wound left behind by the pellet, the teen’s injury was found to have been relatively minor.  However, the injury has left him permanently scarred as a result.

The attacker was brought before the courts, where it was heard that he had previously been convicted on charges of assault, criminal damage, and drunk and disorderly.  In the wake of the incident, the shooter was informed by the authorities that he would end up in custody if he persisted in being both violent and reckless towards others.

He was ordered to pay £200 in personal injury compensation to the injured teen, a 12 month suspended community order, and 180 hours’ worth of community service as a result of his actions.

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