£3.6m awarded in car accident claim

After a horrific road traffic accident left one father of two with life changing injuries, the thirty nine year old man from Trefor has been awarded £3.6 million in personal injury compensation.

According to the details of the man’s motor accident claim, Mr Andrew Chin had been about to make a phone call after pulling into a lay-by close to to St Asaph on the A55.  Unfortunately for Mr Chin, another vehicle ploughed into the back of his Volvo by another car that had been traveling at 70 miles per hour.

The force of the impact threw Mr Chin forward, causing him to strike his head on the steering wheel.  The massive head injuries the man suffered led to bleeding in the man’s brain.

Mr Chin’s injuries were so serious and severe that his doctors told him that he will not ever be able to live independently again.  Moreover he was told that he would have no choice but to go through painful rehabilitation for an indefinite period of time.

Mr Chin received a £3.6 million compensation award after he filed a personal injury claim against the other driver at Liverpool Crown Court.  The sizable sum will go towards paying for the lifetime of support and care he will now need in order to survive.

Michelle Chin, Mr Chin’s wife, remarked that the damage caused to her husband could not be repaired by any amount of money.  However she added that her family would now have an important opportunity to just get on with their lives somehow.

After being found guilty of driving without due care and attention, the driver who collided with the back of Mr Chin’s parked vehicle had his license endorsed and received a fine.

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