Birmingham mother to file car accident claim

One mother from Birmingham is to file a car accident claim for her injuries after becoming severely disabled in a road traffic accident involving a taxi.

Sheldon native and mother of two Jane Stables, aged forty nine, had been travelling back home after spending an evening out in Solihull when the taxi she was riding in was involved in a head-on road traffic accident with another car, according to personal injury claim specialists familiar with the case.  Mrs Stables sustained incredibly horrific injuries in the traffic collision which included fractures to her pelvis, neck, chest bone, and pelvis.  The mother’s spinal column sustained enough damage to nearly sever it.

Mrs Stables told  the Birmingham Mail newspaper in a recent interview that she felt she had been lucky she wasn’t left permanently paralysed or killed by the accident.  She added that she will be preparing to make a personal injury compensation claim against the party responsible for the collision.

Shahzad Amar, the twenty one year old driver of the other car involved in the accident, was claimed to have been travelling at an unsafe speed and speaking on his mobile phone when the incident occurred.  The Sparkhill native, who lives in Durham Road, plead guilty to a charge of dangerous driving and was then sentenced to imprisonment for eight months.

Judge Patrick Thomas, the jurist presiding over the case, stated that the consequences of Mr Amar’s poor motoring habits were some of the most dreadful he had ever seen.  Judge Thomas also stated that while Mrs Stable’s injuries were grievous indeed, they could all too easily have ended up being fatal.

Now unable to walk without the aid of crutches, Mrs Stables hopes one day to be able to recover enough to enjoy going to the gym like she did prior to the accident.

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