Man wins £3.35m in motorcycle accident claim

After being knocked off his bike by a lorry and sustaining catastrophic injuries in the incident, one restaurant manager recently won his motorcycle accident claim and was awarded £3.35 million in personal injury compensation by the High Court.

37 year old East Ham native Luca Meluziis had been riding through east London’s Limehouse Link Tunnel during the time of the incident in November of 2008.  Mr Meluziis sustained life-changing injuries when a Hino four-axle tipper truck struck him while he rode his beloved Yamaha R6.  Registered to a transport company based in east London, the lorry was nearly fully laden at the time of the accident according to personal injury claim specialists familiar with the case.

Luckily Mr Meluziis survived his encounter with the tipper truck.  However as he sustained damage to both his brain and spinal cord and also suffered massive internal injuries, the 37 year old man is now confined to a wheelchair.

As his family lives on the Italian island of Capri, many parts of which are nearly completely inaccessible to wheelchair-bound people like himself, his disabilities have made it terribly difficult for him to visit them.

In the wake of the accident, Mr Meluziis’ legal representation brought the lorry’s insurance company to court which resulted in the recent seven figure compensation award in London’s High Court.  As he approved the lump-sum compensation award, Judge Michael Yelton stated that it was in the best interests of Mr Meluziis to settle the claim relatively early.

Judge Yelton stated that a letter he received from the brother of Mr Meluziis was particularly compelling for him.  The letter described the difficulties encountered by the family in trying to accommodate Mr Meluziis despite the inaccessible nature of the island of Capri.

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