Digger driver considering work accident claim after injury

After suffering serious injuries whilst on the job at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground during a renovation project, one digger driver may be considering making a work accident claim against his employer, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The construction worker – who asked that his identity not be revealed to the media – had been aiding in the demolition of a stand at the cricket ground when the incident that may lead to an accident claim occurred.  The cab of the unnamed man’s digger became crushed when a large slab of concrete fell from overhead, sources say.

The home of the Lancashire County Cricket Club, the cricket ground was soon crawling with emergency services workers.  According to personal injury claim specialists the injured worker was rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary once fire-fighters carefully extricated him from the wreckage of the cab.

The worker, aged thirty, sustained fractures to each of his legs.  However his injuries have not been declared to be life threatening at this time.

The closed circuit television system of the cricket club captured the incident in its entirety.  The Health and Safety Executive has said that it will be reviewing the incident’s video footage in order to determine if the LCCC was in breach of any healthy and safety regulations at the time of the incident.

As the accident is still currently being investigated, one LCCC spokesperson stated that it was inappropriate to comment at length regarding the incident but nevertheless said that the organisation’s thoughts were with the injured construction worker.

Prior to making the decision to launch a full investigation into the matter the HSE is currently waiting on the initial review findings from one of their inspectors.

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