Steel worker’s injuries may lead to work accident claim

After his feet suffered severe crush injuries whilst on the job, one Gateshead steel worker may be considering a work accident claim in search of compensation for his injuries.

Tyne and Wear, Gateshead native Alan Dixon, aged sixty two, had been employed by Spartan UK Ltd at the time of the accident that may lead to his personal injury compensation claim.  Mr Dixon was working for the steel firm as part of a team that had been carrying out routine maintenance for the firm, according to accident claim specialists.

Part of this routine maintenance involved the removal of large rollers at the steel mill in order that they could be cleaned.  To help facilitate the rollers’ removal, Mr Dixon needed to stand upon the mill so he could connect the rollers to a hydraulic ram.

Unfortunately for Mr Dixon, one of his colleagues stationed in the control room of the plant was unaware of the sixty two year old’s location.  This colleague activated the mill’s machinery and Mr Dixon was pinioned between the moving parts.  As a result both his feet were crushed amidst the rollers of the conveyor.

In the wake of the accident, Mr Dixon was rushed to Queen Elizabeth hospital.  However his injuries were so severe that the surgical team at hospital had no choice but to perform a below the knee amputation of his right leg.  While Mr Dixon’s left foot was not amputated, he is still receiving treatment for his injuries, and injury solicitors state he may be in need of an additional surgical procedure sometime in the near future.

Located on Ropery Road in Teams, Spartan UK Ltd was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for their role in Mr Dixon’s severe injuries.  After the firm admitted to being in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act, it was fined £40,000.  The court ordered Spartan UK Ltd to pay more than £9,757 in legal costs as well.

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