Revolving door to Asda knocks over elderly gran

The revolving door of an Asda supermarket was to blame for the recent injuries of a sixty nine year old grandmother, leaving her with serious personal injuries and a desire to file a personal injury compensation claim.

Mrs Elizabeth Pollock had been attempting to walk through the revolving doors in order to enter the store at the time of the incident, according to her accident claim.  However Mrs Pollock’s walking stick became trapped between the door and the frame, which resulted in the elderly grandmother to be thrown down to the floor.

Mrs Pollock needed to be hospitalised for nearly three months after she broke her hip in the fall.  According to her personal injury lawyers the pensioner, who was diagnosed with the neurological disorder multiple sclerosis over four decades ago, is still in pain from the injuries she suffered in the supermarket revolving door incident.

The pensioner and grandmother, who does volunteer work for the Citizens Advice Bureau, stated in a local newspaper interview that she was not happy by how the supermarket giant had treated her.  This has led her to make a personal injury claim for £50,000 in compensation.

When approached with an opportunity to comment, one Asda spokesperson was able to confirm that the supermarket would indeed be defending the claim.  However when asked why the store had replaced the revolving doors in the wake of the accident they declined to comment further.

The Asda spokesperson did say however that they are in the midst of carrying out their own internal investigation into the incident that led to Mrs Pollock’s injuries.  Additionally, they stated that they would be remaining in contact with the injured grandmother in regards to her personal injury claim.

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