Personal injury at work leads to tile employee amputation

After a personal injury at work suffered by one teenage tile supplier employee led to the amputation of his right leg, two of the firm’s directors have been fined for the young man’s injuries.

45 year old Christopher Sale and 55 year old Robert Gilbert were both fined recently at Wood Green Crown Court for a June 2008 accident claim that originated from an incident at Tile Depot Trading in June of 2008.

Mitesh Patel, who had been age nineteen at the time of the incident that led to the work accident claim, had only just recently started working at the tile supplier. Mitesh’s main duties had been stocking the warehouse, moving tiles, heavy lifting, and advising customers.

However his career was cut short due to an incident that occurred when he was working in the tile supplier’s warehouse.  A colleague that had been operating a fork lift truck lost control of his vehicle and pinned MItesh’s leg against a nearby wall. The employee driving the fork lift had no training in its operation nor had he earned a licence for the machine.

Mitesh’s injuries to his leg were so severe that doctors needed to amputate it below his knee.

Mr Sale and Mr Gilbert, both company directors, made the admission that they had failed to provide safe work systems as well as supervision and training to provide for the health and safety of their employees.  The firm has since gone into administration.

Both Mr Sale and Mr Gilbert were found guilty and have been fined £9,000 and £19,500 respectively, including court costs, to be paid in three years or less.

In the wake of the court decision cabinet member Councillor Melvin Cohen stated that the importance of health and safety at work is crucial, as demonstrated by the tragic consequences of the case.

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