Injured woman claiming more than £300k in damages

An injured woman who fell through a mini-bus’ open doors is claiming more than £300,000 in damages, according to accident claim experts familiar with the incident.

Natasha Flockhard, twenty years of age, had been standing up to take a bottle of Lucozade that the bus driver had been offering her at the time of the incident.  However, the Hafod, Swansea native, who had had to undo her seat belt in order to stand, lost her balance as the vehicle went over a speed bump, causing her to tumble through the open doors of the bus, according to her personal injury claims.

An article appearing in the South Wales Evening Post reported that the young woman sustained serious head injuries during the incident.  Ms Flockhart now lacks the ability to care for herself without aid and has left her at a heightened risk of suffering from epileptic seizures, the newspaper added.

In the wake of her debilitating injuries, the woman has launched a compensation claim against the mini-bus driver and Briggs Coaches, his employer.  Ms Lockhart claims that both leaving the mini-bus doors open and driving the vehicle at too great a rate of speed indicate negligence on the part of the driver.

The High Court in London received legal papers from Ms Flockhart’s legal team, indicating that the injured woman is seeking in excess of £300,000 in compensation.  Ms Flockhart also stipulated that she should be allowed to return to court for an additional sum of compensation in the event of her injuries leading her to develop epilepsy in the future.

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