Woman injured in crash abroad launches car accident claim

A woman left seriously injured in the wake of a crash whilst abroad in Poland has launched a car accident claim for in excess of £300,000 in personal injury compensation, according to a writ recently submitted to the High Court of London.

Katarzyna Cieslar, of Huddersfield, had been riding in the back seat of a Fiat Punto when it collided with a BMW at a crossroads in Poland, causing her to sustain several severe injuries.  The 28 year old woman, who resides at Jagger Lane, Honley, has filed personal injury claims against an insurance company based in Warsaw named  Powszecbby Zaklad Ubezpiczen.

Ms Cieslar’s legal team claim that the insurance firm, which covered Michal Cieslar, the Fiat’s driver, and are required to cover him against the injuries his actions caused to Ms Cieslar, are bound by Polish Law for the road traffic accident that occurred in February of 2010.  Mr Cieslar, who faced a conviction in June of 2011 as a result of the RTA, was granted a  suspended jail sentence and three years’ worth of probation by the Polish courts.

Ms Cieslar claims that the injuries she sustained in the accident include fractures to the sacral bones located in her back, complex fractures to her right leg, a fractured left collar bone, an injured pelvis, a fractured neck, and a brain injury as well.  The young woman still suffers pain from her devastating injuries to this day.

Mr Cieslar was negligent, according to the High Court writ, and is liable for the accident due to his failure to keep a proper lookout before turning into the BMW’s path.

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