Mother makes accident claim for son’s personal injury

One Gwent mother has recently made an accident claim for her son’s personal injury, when the six year old boy had a dry stone wall collapse upon him, receiving personal injury compensation on his behalf.

Cwmtillery native Harley Chivers had been playing with friends when one of the young children dislodged a rock from the wall on Brookside Row, in close proximity to the Gwent village’s Jim Owen Park, causing the entire wall to collapse upon the six year old, according to the personal injury claims made by his mother.

A recent article appearing in the South Wales Argus newspaper reported that young Harley sustained a serious wound to the head in the incident, while other injuries to his knee and lip needed stitches.  Additionally, the young boy chipped his jaw bone from falling debris pushing his front teeth backwards as well, the article said.

Claire Hockey, the boy’s mother, has launched her personal injury compensation case against Blaenau Gwent council on behalf of her son.  In an interview with the Argus, little Harley was now frightened of playing outside due to the incident, and needed to return to school with his arm in plaster and a ‘terrible scar’ upon his head.

It could be as long as nine months before Harley makes a full recovery, doctors said, adding that the young boy will carry the scars he received in the incident for the rest of his life.  One council spokesperson confirmed that a damages claim had been made against them, informing the Argus that the Healthy and Safety Executive had been notified of the incident.

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