RTA ends in serious injury, leads to court case

An RTA involving a taxicab and a cyclist that led to serious injury has resulted in a lengthy and heated personal injury compensation case.

The incident in question involved Maqsood Ahmad, a taxi driver, and Joseph Malasi, a cyclist, on the roads of Bedford in September of 2007, according to car accident claim experts with knowledge of the case.  Mr Malasi was left with severe injuries to his brain after the collision with Mr Ahmad at a junction, leading him to make personal injury claims against the insurance company of the taxi driver.

The case had since moved to the High Court in London in order for a ruling on liability levels.  The Judge in the case, after examining evidence that the accident didn’t occur solely because of the taxi exceeding the 30 mph speed limit by a full 10 mph; Mr Malasi was in fact found to have played a contributory part to his own injuries because he neglected to apply his brakes and instead went through a red light.

The hearing’s ultimate result was that Mr Ahmad was deemed to be only 20 per cent responsible for the cyclist’s serious injuries due to his speeding, leaving the lion’s share of the liability squarely on the shoulders of the injured cyclist.  This means that the injured man will still receive a compensation award from the taxi driver’s insurance provider, but the payout will be reduced by a full 80 per cent to counteract for the contributory nature of Mr Malasi’s actions.

Industry experts say the exact figure to be paid to the injured cyclist has yet to be calculated at this time.

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