Judge approves motorcycle accident claim compensation

More than six years after one Watford native sustained severe injuries to his brain and face in a RTA just down the road from his home, a judge has finally approved his motorcycle accident claim for a substantial amount of money.

28 year old David Scott Buchan, of Leggatts Way, suffered a catastrophic crash in 2005 that left him severely injured and in need of constant medical care.  The High Court judge not only approved his personal injury compensation settlement but also had words of praise for Ann, Mr Buchan’s mother, for her unflagging support and hard work on behalf of her son.

Mr Buchan, who was 21 years old at the time of the accident, suffered severe head and facial injuries in the road traffic accident, necessitating a surgical procedure to insert titanium plates into his face to facilitate his recovery.  In addition to sustaining injuries to his spine and ribs, Mr Buchan has been suffering from chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression due to damage done to his brain, while his senses of smell, taste, and sight have also been impaired.

He has not been able to return to work following his injuries, and now cannot walk without the aid of a cane.  Mr Buchan now lives with his stepfather and his mother, who were both in attendance with him when he was present at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The court praised Mr Buchan’s mother for her unflagging dedication to the health of her son after she flatly refused to take any compensation for the care she has provided to him over the past six years, with the judge calling her actions as remarkable even by the high standard of a mother’s love for her son.

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