Cyclist in Lancashire blames botched repair job for RTA

One cyclist from Lancashire recently blamed a recent RTA that left her seriously injured on a botched repair job.

Lea, Preston native, Kath Percival, had taken her bicycle into her local Halfords branch for a service prior to a cycle ride one weekend to York, according to the details of the forty nine year old woman’s accident claims.  However, Mrs Percival, an experienced cyclist, soon began encountering problems with the gear mechanism of her specialised Roubaix bicycle once she set out, so upon arriving in York she stopped at the Halfords branch in York in order to rectify the problem.

Personal injury claims experts writing for the Lancashire Evening Post stated that Mrs Percival was informed by store staff that her cycle needed some minor adjustments, leading her to believe that the likelihood of encountering any problems on her trip home would be quite low.  However, she once more experienced problems with her gear mechanism on the return journey, with the cycle suddenly dropping into its bottom gear as she made the approach to a roundabout in Clitheroe, causing a loss of balance and subsequent collision with a nearby car.

The experienced cyclist sustained myriad cuts and bruises in the incident.  Mrs Percival also states that not only was she still experiencing pain for quite a few months following the accident, but also that her confidence in her ability to cycle on roads has also suffered.

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