Accident claims are more than just slips, trips, and falls

Accident claims are more than just slips, trips, and falls, said one leading personal injury compensation specialist recently.

One accident solicitor said that there are any number of serious incidents that can lead to individuals making compensation claims against the party that was responsible for their injuries, not just slips and trips.  Some of the claims successfully processed by the firm include industrial disease victims or those involved in accidents on holiday, at the workplace, or whilst on the road.

There are dangers in assuming that claims are made only for low profile incidents, the expert said, as many injured individuals, whose claims are just as valid, don’t know where they can turn for legal advice.  A spokesperson for the solicitor firm said that many newspaper reports and television adverts have been making it seem as if the focus of the industry is people who fall from ladders or lose their footing on wet floors, when in reality the range of incidents and accidents is actually much more broad.

There are any number of incidents that could result in compensation payouts, such as those who suffer from industrial diseases such as occupational deafness and mesothelioma, or those who suffer injuries on package holidays overseas, in motorcycles and cars, or while at work.

Industry experts recommend that, if you’ve been injured in any way, you should seek out a solicitor firm that has experience in pursuing claims related to personal injuries and has demonstrated a commitment to making sure their clients get what they need from the entire claims process.  A good solicitor will work to understand the individual’s specific needs and make sure that they are compensated properly for their injuries.

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